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Will Ice Cream Counter the Effects of Spicy Food?

You may be wondering: “Will ice cream counter the effects of spicy food?” You might be thinking that it is possible to use a substance such as casein to soothe the burn caused by the hot stuff. In fact, many milk-based products are loaded with this substance. pikachuweb When eaten, casein acts as a detergent by attracting the oil-based capsaicin molecules. This helps wash away the burn from the mouth. But what exactly does casein do?

While you might think that ice cream will stop the stomach burning, this is not entirely true. It does not actually counteract the effects of spicy food. vidmatenews Ice cream will not help you fall asleep after eating hot food. Instead, it will make your stomach upset and cause cramping. In fact, it may even make you feel sleepless. Alternatively, you can take a sip of ice cream after eating a spicy meal.

Milk helps the mouth handle capsaicin. net4indianews This oily chemical compound in chili peppers binds to a receptor on the tongue, which triggers a burning sensation. Milk contains casein, a protein that helps break down capsaicin. This helps your body process the pain and release endorphins, which are known as the “happy chemicals.”

In addition to milk, you can also take a sip of alcohol. Alcohol is not a good choice for counteracting the effects of spicy food, as it will not completely neutralize it. However, Wikitribune  if you’re planning to consume dairy products, consider switching to full-fat varieties. Also, try eating foods high in sugar or fatty acids. Those things will help you neutralize the spicy food, Gitorious but not in the long run.

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