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What Types of Peppers Are the Best For Heart Health?

Bell peppers of all colors are the same plant, with the color indicating the length of time the fruit grew on the vine. While all bell peppers contain nutrients, red peppers are the healthiest. You can buy fresh, frozen peppers, roasted peppers in a can, or ground them into paprika. If you’re eating peppers in a jar, be aware that they contain a lot of sodium and fat.

Red peppers are a great source of vitamin A, as one cup of a medium red bell pepper contains sixteen2 milligrams of this essential nutrient. They also contain plenty of vitamin C, with a medium-sized bell pepper providing up to 169 percent of the RDI. Other peppers high in vitamin A include spinach and sweet potatoes. They are also good sources of vitamin K, which is known as phylloquinone. These nutrients play an important role in clotting blood and building DNA.

The spiciness of hot peppers is a result of a chemical called capsaicin. Chili peppers contain more capsaicin than bell peppers, which are generally less spicy. Hot peppers are also believed to speed up metabolism. However, the amount of capsaicin in these peppers is far greater than the human body can eat in one sitting. A cup of milk, on the other hand, can neutralize the effects of capsaicin.

Chili peppers are high in antioxidants. A recent study found that people who ate chili peppers regularly had fewer heart problems. This is consistent with other studies. Moreover, chili peppers are known to be high in polyphenols and antioxidants. A study published in the journal BMJ has found a link between chilli pepper consumption and heart health, and regular intake of the spice may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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