The Rolex of Digital Watches

Whether you wear a digital watch every day or just occasionally, you want to be sure you get the right timepiece. A digital watch may seem to be a practical solution for your timekeeping needs. But there are disadvantages to these watches as well. They lose their value over time and can no longer keep up with the times. Furthermore, some of them may not support the latest technology, like Android 4+ or Iphone. These models could be out of date, and your Rolex digital watch will no longer work with those newer OS versions.

The Rolex Day-Date is the pinnacle of status and has been worn by world leaders for many years. Launched in 1956, this watch was the first wristwatch to combine day and calendar functions. It was also the first watch to feature a jubilee bracelet, which provides superior comfort and wearability. The Rolex Day-Date has a calibre 3255 movement for exceptional reliability and performance. It is available in two different versions, one for women, the other for men.

To create a quartz watch, Rolex needed to be independent in microelectronics. The Swiss watch brand worked with Rene Le Coultre, who had been the technical director at Federation Horlogere in 1917. Le Coultre set up a modern electronics lab and designed the quartz equivalents of Rolex mechanical calibers. He was also able to create women’s watches with two hands and men’s watches with sweep seconds hands. Eventually, the Rolex had a perpetual calendar quartz movement.

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