The High-Risk Investments That Keanu Reeves Has Made Over the Years to Grow His Net Worth

Keanu Reeves is an internationally renowned actor and producer known for his roles in popular films such as The Matrix and John Wick. He has also established himself as a savvy investor and has made several high-risk investments over the years to grow his net worth theviralnewj. One of Reeves’ most well-known investments is that in the tech start-up company, Petra. Launched in 2004, Petra was a social network service that allowed users to share music, photos, and videos. Although the company did not survive, Reeves’ investment went on to become one of the most successful investments of its time. Reeves also invested in Propel, an online payment system that allowed users to make payments with their mobile phones. Unsurprisingly, the venture was successful, and Reeves was able to reap a considerable return on his investment Net Worth. In 2016, Reeves made a bold move by investing in a venture capital fund, which invests in companies that are considered risky. This fund has since seen great success, and Reeves has earned a substantial return on his investment. Reeves also invested in a number of other start-up companies, including a virtual reality gaming platform, an online security company, and a legal services platform. These investments, in combination with his success in the entertainment industry, have allowed him to amass a considerable fortune Bio Data. Keanu Reeves’ investments have paid off, and his net worth continues to rise. His willingness to take risks has enabled him to make lucrative investments, and as a result, his fortune continues to grow.


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